Valentina – Weight loss

I’ve been working with Valentina since May 2018, and this is currently her 15 week transformation photo!

I wish everyone could get to experience fitness and nutrition with Jenny. She is simply the most dedicated and caring person, she has taken on my fitness journey as a personal challenge and spends a lot of time helping me change my fitness levels and my diet. Her vast knowledge on supplements and nutrition has also helped ease an ongoing health issue. Jenny constantly changes things up so you are never bored and are always challenged and with her I have already seen results with my body. I’m so thankful that I started working with Jenny as I now have the knowledge and confidence to workout on my own as well as with her.
Location: Hyde Park

Lisa-Atkinson – Goal: weight loss

I’ve had Jenny as a Personal Trainer for the last 3 months, and I was very happy with our sessions! We worked both on cardio and strength, and she was very helpful regarding the targeting and treatment of my medical issues, often sending my links to extra information regarding how i could improve my situation. I felt this was extremely attentive, and she definitely went the extra mile!

She carefully planned the sessions to suit my personal needs, and was guiding my in my nutrition choices. Jenny also encourages me to work harder in my workouts and achieve a different level of capacity that i had not reached before when simply working out on my own. I highly recommend Jenny as a Personal Trainer and Health Advisor.
Location: Bromley

Tri Huynh – Goal: Quadrathlon training – Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon 2017

This is one of the toughest physical one day challenges in the U.K. It’s was 6am start with a 1.5km swim across the infamously cold Loch Tay.
One thing was very obvious, I had to go from being of ‘average fitness’ to something that resembled an ‘ultra athlete’ in 6 months?!!!

Jenny quizzed me on a number of aspects of my lifestyle, everything from my diet (nutrition is an area she knows a lot about) to sleep patterns. And so it began, meeting on a weekly basis we went through everything from track sessions, hill training and core work (very helpful for the kayak). A number of things impressed me about Jenny; her overall knowledge, professionalism, dedication to her profession, attention to detail, but it was her ability to motivate in a balanced nature that kept me going. I honestly believe this is something a lot of personal trainers struggle with. There were days, when I didn’t fancy it and she would apply the necessary ’encouragement’ to get the job done.

I would highly recommend Jenny. Her professional, pragmatism, and enthusiasm is truly infectious. You almost look forward the sessions, … almost, apart from the track sessions – they were sic.

I Finished in 14 hours, 57 minutes. Never again.
Location: Primrose Hill

Tulin – Goal: Weight loss

Jenny has supported throughout my entire fitness journey, and I am still currently having sessions with her after one year. We focus both on weight training and HITT training. Jenny is always very motivating, comforting and and has always been there to support my goals. I highly recommend her!
Location: Oakley fitness Petts Wood

Lulu – Goal: Weight loss

Jenny has been my personal trainer since October 2016 and I cannot recommend her enough. She is reliable, enthusiastic and always manages to motivate me even on my off days! The work outs she plans for me are always varied, thoughtful and keep me interested. As a result I have seen great improvements in my fitness levels . We are starting our sessions back up this October 2017!
Location: London, St Georges Park

Sam – Goal: Weight loss

I have been supported by Jenny with exercise and nutritional advice. Over the many sessions I endured circuits using a range of different equipment such as kettlebells, sandbags & TRX as well as incorporating tabata, HIIT & equipment-free exercises! Not only have I lost weight but I have become fitter, stronger & healthier. I have since developed a sense of confidence & a ‘can do’ attitude to try other types of exercise too!

Jenny literally puts the ‘personal’ in personal trainer! She is so positive and genuine that she is practically on your fitness journey with you with every step of the way….the highs as well as the lows! She is always professional, motivating & reliable.
Location: Oakley Fitness Petts Wood